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When Jacqui met Harry … or Six Tips to Speak with Scripts

I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences yet when asked to share a platform with Royalty I was SO nervous! I sorted out my nerves by writing a professional script. It worked; the conference organiser described my presentation as “assured, business-like and warm”. This blog  shares techniques to speak well with scripts. Rewrite The goal is […]

Women’s Workwear: how a Presence Audit can help with High Heel Headaches

Sending home a young woman who refused to wear high heels at the office of a top London accounting firm has created a remarkable reaction. Government ministers are frowning on the practice, the UK Parliament is considering a national debate and many international corporations are rushing to review policies regarding women’s workwear and heels in particular. […]

Can Amy Cuddy’s new book on Presence live up to the global success of her TED Talk?

Executive Coach, Jacqui Harper, finds out. It was always going to be a tough call to follow Amy’s 2012 TED Talk: it’s had over 30 million views. Why? A lot of it is to do with the Harvard Business professor herself. When she tearfully discloses her own struggles with not feeling worthy it takes the conversation […]