Executive Presentations

Executive Presentations is a practical guide to giving presentations that are clear, compelling and gain trust. The way to achieve this is to develop the fundamentals of presence: the expression of words, the use of the body and perhaps most important, personal mindset. The book also provides a wealth of solutions to the most common presentation problems.

When I am teaching I encourage executives to do naked presentations. I smile softly as I explain ‘naked’ presentations are when speakers communicate without the usual trappings of slides. In these presentations it is all about the speaker’s presence powering the message and connecting deeply with an audience…There’s a directness and simplicity to this form of  spoken communication that can be immensely powerful for gaining trust and conveying a compelling vision.

Some people find it useful to have one overarching emotional objective for an entire presentation. Others like the idea of mapping specific emotional objectives to different parts of the presentation. For example, you might want surprise at the beginning of a presentation; reassurance in the middle; and excitement as the emotional objective at the end.

Message discipline in the Q&A helps it become a strong and integral part of a presentation. There are a number of things you can do to achieve this. As you answer questions, repeatedly link to the theme of the presentation. Refer back to specific points from the presentation to reinforce ideas. It’s often useful to have a few new examples of the points you made so the Q&A feels fresh.

As you become a more accomplished speaker, it is easy to get into a rut: always doing the same thing the same way. To keep executive presentations dynamic and fresh, and to keep yourself challenged, seek continuous feedback. This gives you information to develop yourself and reveals blindspots. Consider getting a presentation buddy to regularly share and swap feedback. Review recordings of your work and assess yourself.

Special launch for a special book

‘Executive Presentations’ is launched in style at an exclusive private members club in central London. Guests enjoyed wine and canapes as they learned the many ways in which this practical book can inform and inspire business presentations.