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Jacqui Harper is the founder of Crystal Business Coaching. She is a subject expert in leadership presence and personal branding. Jacqui teaches communication courses at INSEAD. She is the author of a business book on presentation skills and previously anchored news programmes for BBC Television.

When Jacqui met Harry … or Six Tips to Speak with Scripts

I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences yet when asked to share a platform with Royalty I was SO nervous! I sorted out my nerves by writing a professional script. It worked; the conference organiser described my presentation as “assured, business-like and warm”. This blog  shares techniques to speak well with scripts. Rewrite The goal is […]

6 Tips for Online Job Interviews

When it’s time for a new job use personal presence to do a confident and memorable online interview. It’s all about the first ten seconds. That’s when recruitment professionals decide whether to continue watching you or move on to the hundreds of other recordings. At the heart of the decision is whether they trust you. It’s […]

Women’s Workwear: how a Presence Audit can help with High Heel Headaches

Sending home a young woman who refused to wear high heels at the office of a top London accounting firm has created a remarkable reaction. Government ministers are frowning on the practice, the UK Parliament is considering a national debate and many international corporations are rushing to review policies regarding women’s workwear and heels in particular. […]

Can Amy Cuddy’s new book on Presence live up to the global success of her TED Talk?

Executive Coach, Jacqui Harper, finds out. It was always going to be a tough call to follow Amy’s 2012 TED Talk: it’s had over 30 million views. Why? A lot of it is to do with the Harvard Business professor herself. When she tearfully discloses her own struggles with not feeling worthy it takes the conversation […]

What I Learnt From Strictly Dancers Ian and Natalie

I recently hosted a fundraiser for my son’s school, The Grammar School at Leeds or GSAL. It featured two of the stars of Strictly Come Dancing – Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite. In between exquisite dances I interviewed them. To my surprise, that evening I learned so much about powerful communication.

INSEAD in Spring

At the beginning of Spring Jacqui Harper travelled to INSEAD Business School in Paris wondering what the week had in store … It wasn’t a promising start: sleet lashed me as I descended the stairs of the aircraft. Not exactly springtime in Paris. I shivered in my Mac and wished I’d worn my winter coat.

And The Award For Best Oscar Speech Goes To…

Public speaking expert Jacqui Harper analyses what makes a winning speech. Speeches are never easy but OSCAR night is especially hard. Four billion eyes around the world are watching. The clock counts down from 45 seconds as soon as you start speaking. Emotions naturally run high and the Dolby Theatre is teaming with Hollywood’s finest. […]

How To Give An Awards Speech

Tips For Oscar Nominees – And The Rest Of Us! CONGRATULATIONS to British director Steve McQueen for ending his speech so powerfully at the recent British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs). His scorching reminder that slavery is still an evil endured by 21 million people around the world dwarfed other acceptance speeches. The celebration of his […]